CAP ’13 – THE Pathologists’ Meeting – October 13 – 16, 2013™
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NEW  ST102  CAP Foundation Keitges Program on Medical Ethics: Disclosing Harmful Pathology Errors to Colleagues, Treating Clinicians and Patients

Sunday, October 13
9:30–11:30 AM

Interpersonal and Communication Skills Professionalism

There has been much attention focused on the mitigation of medical errors. However, there has been little discourse and no guidance in pathology on the appropriate standards for communication, especially the communication of pathology errors. Most physicians agree that harmful medical errors should be fully disclosed in order to expose system failures and improve patient safety. Unfortunately, there is a major gap between these beliefs and actual practice. This course will begin with didactics on the general topic of communication theory, noise, and barriers, and then it will review beliefs and practices of pathologists regarding error disclosure. The audience will participate in simulated scenarios, including pathology error disclosure to a clinician, to a colleague pathologist, and to a patient. Presenters will also discuss the medical-legal implications of pathology disclosure.

You will learn to:

Suzanne M. Dintzis, MD, PhD, FCAP
Mara H. Rendi, MD, PhD, FCAP


Cosponsored by Pierre W. Keitges, MD, Medical Ethics Endowment Fund and CAP Foundation





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