– Your Source for Information About Cancer Diagnosis

1. What is is a free resource developed by the College of American Pathologists for people who have been diagnosed with cancer and their loved ones to help them better understand their illness.

2. What information can be found on
Visitors to can find accurate and credible information on more than 40 of the most common cancers and cancer-related conditions, including those affecting the breast, lungs, colon, prostate, and skin.

Each page on has been developed by a pathologist, and includes:

    • Answers to questions about a specific type of cancer
    • A list of available treatment options
    • Questions patients should ask their doctors
    • A glossary of key terms
    • Pictures of normal and diseased tissues and cells

3. Who developed the information on
All the patient information sheets developed on were developed by pathologists—the doctors who diagnose cancer and other diseases by examining tissues and cells. If cancer is diagnosed, a pathologist will work collaboratively with a patient’s health care team to assist with treatment plans.


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