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CAP members across the spectrum are sharing their stories about steps they are taking to transform their practice. And, they are finding it can be be professionally and personally rewarding.

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October 18, 2011 - Nothing Set in StoneDavid W. Eckert, MD, FCAP
“The LAP is one of those things that actually turned out pretty much the way it was supposed to.” - David W. Eckert, MD, FCAP



September 27, 2011 - The Patient is KeyGeoffrey A. Talmon, MD, FCAP
“You can be a great diagnostician, but if you don’t know what the diagnosis means for the patient, you don’t understand the power of what it is that we do and how important it is.” - Geoffrey A. Talmon, MD, FCAP



August 23, 2011 - Building a Culture of Constant ImprovementMichael S. Brown, MD, FCAP
“The idea is to have a system where patients get what they need when they need it—no more nor less and neither sooner nor later than it is needed. We really need to focus on the individual patient.” - Michael S. Brown, MD, FCAP



August 9, 2011 - Lighting a Fire Under PathologyNancy C. Kois, MD, FCAP
“New people coming out of training are going to light a fire under pathology. I look forward to working with them, and I want to be ready for them.” - Nancy C. Kois, MD, FCAP



July 26, 2011 - Connecting the DotsMary Ann Sens, MD, PhD, FCAP
“If you are trying to work them up for some nondescript stomach pain without asking them, ‘Are you safe in your relationships?’ you are going to waste a lot of time and money. And you will not serve your patients.” - Mary Ann Sens, MD, PhD, FCAP



July 12, 2011 - Changing SkiesMark Boguski, MD, PhD, FCAP
“Pathologists should not be intimidated by genome science and technology. At the end of the day, a patient’s genome is just another laboratory value.” - Mark Boguski, MD, PhD, FCAP



June 27, 2011 - Ask AnythingMargaret H. Neal, MD, FCAP
“Part of this is helping young people find their strengths.” - Margaret H. Neal, MD, FCAP



June 13, 2011 – Rethinking CompetencyGary W. Procop, MD, MS, FCAP
“It’s not good enough to be a smart and good doctor; you have to be a smart and good doctor who can talk to other people and get along with others, too.”
- Gary W. Procop, MD, MS, FCAP



May 31, 2011 – Getting Out of Your Comfort ZoneRebecca L. Johnson, MD, FCAP
“Push yourself to do something that gets you out of your comfort zone.”
- Rebecca L. Johnson, MD, FCAP



February 24, 2011 – Vegetable SoupMonita Soni, MD, FCAP
“The motto is listen, observe, analyze, communicate.”
- Monita Soni, MD, FCAP



February 9, 2011 – The Guy Who Sponsors the Trout Catch Every YearKarl J. Blessinger, MD, FCAP
“I am a strong advocate for physicians getting out in the community and being involved.”
- Karl J. Blessinger, MD, FCAP



January 19, 2011 – When It Is Your Place, Make It Your SpaceKathleen A. McMonigal, MD, FCAP
“We need to be able to step up, to volunteer before we are asked, and to say, ‘We can help with this; this is an expertise of ours; this is our niche.’”
- Kathleen A. McMonigal, MD, FCAP



January 11, 2011 – Cultural CompetenceSi Van Nguyen, MD, FCAP
“As a pathologist, I have always been interested in cervical cancer, its screening and diagnosis.” - Si Van Nguyen, MD,




CAP members tell us they want concrete ideas and resources they can use today to prepare for tomorrow. You’ll find them here.

Like CAP members, these ideas and resources span the spectrum and encompass many different facets of pathology transformation. They include easy-to-implement first steps as well as sweeping new opportunities you can use to take your practice in new directions.

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