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February 2011
Feature Story

Pathologists who want to view the historical collection of surgical pathology slides maintained by Juan Rosai, MD, will soon be able to do so virtually.

Through a partnership with USCAP and Aperio, Dr. Rosai has made the collection freely available in digital format for the pathology community, says Chrystal Adams, Aperio’s product manager for health care.

Aperio digitized the slides, says CEO Dirk Soenksen, and USCAP invested in a website that will link to Aperio’s server, which hosts the slides.

The Juan Rosai Collection of Surgical Pathology Seminars consists of original slide material with associated clinical histories, discussions, and diagnoses for 18,439 cases presented at 1,495 seminars from 1945 to the present, Adams says. The late Lauren Ackerman, MD, started the collection. Dr. Rosai began to oversee it when he was a resident and fellow at Washington University School of Medicine under the direction of Dr. Ackerman.

“Dr. Rosai has immaculately maintained the collection throughout his career, and he continues to keep it current from the Centro Diagnostico Italiano in Milan, Italy, where he now resides in his home country,” Adams says.

—Karen Lusky


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