Ensure Accuracy in Zika Testing

New for 2017: Vector-Borne Disease Molecular Proficiency Testing from the CAP


In 2016, the spread of Zika virus across the Americas and its link to birth defects became a public health emergency, creating a demand for Zika testing. While Zika was initially transmitted through the vector of mosquitoes, recent findings indicate viral transmission is also possible through bodily fluids, including semen and blood. Currently, Zika testing is being performed in symptomatic individuals who either live in or have recently traveled to infected regions.

Our new Vector-Borne Disease Molecular (VBDM) Survey is intended for laboratories performing Zika testing utilizing nucleic acid amplification methodologies. Enrolling in this Survey will:

  • Add a level of quality assurance to ensure that you deliver accurate, reliable test results
  • Allow your laboratory to perform alternative performance assessment if needed
  • Provide an additional opportunity for your laboratory staff to fulfill competency assessment requirements
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Benjamin Pinsky, MD, PhD, FCAP, speaks about Zika testing and the impact on clinical laboratories.

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Earn CE Credits

Zika CE is offered with 12 CAP Surveys. The CE module discusses the natural history and clinical features of infections with Zika, chikungunya, and dengue viruses and highlights key points needed to diagnose and differentiate between them. Laboratory personnel can earn CE credits by reading the participant summary report included with these Surveys.

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Read the Research

Read “Special Issue—the Zika Virus Global Pandemic:the Latest Emerging Infection” in the Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, January 2017.

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