2017 Practice Characteristics


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Through our 2017 Practice Characteristics Survey, the CAP gathered objective data you can use to understand how your practice compares to others and how pathologists are dealing with current health care trends and the changing business environment. The 2017 Practice Characteristics Survey helps the CAP set advocacy priorities and understand market pressures and environmental changes that affect you, the practicing pathologist.

The survey captures:

  • Vital practice member characteristic data
  • Information on the concerns and challenges of pathologists
  • Compensation data, including salary and benefits
  • Practice-related data

The survey closed in May of 2017 after generating more than 1,600 responses from practicing pathologists. CAP members can review the report.

Issue Briefs

Here are focused analyses on the latest trends from the 2017 Practice Characteristics Survey.

Download the Results to the 2016 Practice Leader Survey

As a member benefit, CAP members can access and download the results to the Practice Leader Survey, which was fielded in March and April of 2016. The survey targeted practice leaders—those in leadership or administrative roles with specific knowledge of the practice's financial, operational, and billing information. The survey was designed to elicit one response from each pathology practice in the United States. The report is divided into six sections:

  • Practice Demographics
  • Services Provided by Pathology Practices
  • Sources of Practice Cases and Revenues
  • Practice Staffing
  • The Pathologist Job Market
  • Business, Regulatory, and Legislative Issues Affecting Pathology Practices

Download the 2016 Practice Leader Survey Executive Summary

Download the 2016 Practice Leader Survey Report

About the 2016 Practice Leader Survey

The 2016 Practice Leader Survey is a follow-up to the 2014 Practice Characteristics Survey . The 2016 survey specifically targets practice leaders and is designed to receive one response from each pathology practice in the United States. The survey asked each pathology practice about the following:

  • Practice demographics, including questions on practice structure, case volume, and staffing levels
  • Case mix and revenue sources, including questions on sources of cases for both AP and non-AP services, sources of revenues, and payer mix
  • Hiring and compensation, including questions on plans and experiences with hiring new pathologist staff and the compensation model used by the practice
  • Market and regulatory issues, including questions on participation in value-based payment models, problems with coverage and payment, and factors that are expected to affect their practice in the next few years

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