Master List Information



What is a Proficiency Testing (PT) Master List?

The master list is any list of methods, manufacturers, instruments, reagents, kits, etc, used by participants in their laboratories. Collecting this data facilitates grading on our Surveys and EXCEL programs.

How Do I Update a Master List?

Requests for changes to the master lists must be submitted by a manufacturer. Send requests as early as possible to allow time for processing prior to upcoming mailings. The master lists are finalized approximately 16 weeks before the program ship date.

Will CAP PT Material Work With My Program?

It is the responsibility of manufacturers to verify the compatibility of their instruments, reagents, or kits with CAP PT specimen material before adding a new master list code and on an ongoing basis.

Additional material for in-house compatibility testing can be purchased through the CAP Customer Contact Center, 1-800-323-4040 (domestic), or 001-847-832-7000, option 1 (international), when available.

CAP Customers

CAP PT customers whose product or method does not appear on the master lists should contact their manufacturer and ask them to submit a request to the CAP.


Contact Information

Please direct questions or comments to:

CAP Manufacturer
800-323-4040 option 1