New 2018 Surveys and Anatomic
Pathology Education Programs

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Laboratory medicine is changing at a rapid pace. Our comprehensive range of programs is constantly evolving to keep you in step with these changes so you will have more time for what matters most—accuracy in the laboratory.


  • Choose from 28 new Surveys as you plan for 2018
  • Offer your staff up to 100 CE credits with CAP Surveys such as our new Variant Interpretation Only (VIP/VIP1) program, our first next-generation sequencing (NGS) program to provide CE and CME credit
  • Ensure accuracy in Zika testing with our recently released Vector-Borne Disease Molecular Survey
  • Gain timely insight with the Performance Analytics Dashboard, our complimentary Surveys and CAP accreditation performance monitoring and reporting tool
  • Purchase your PT and manage your account online–you can review, modify, and submit your prepopulated quote


Anatomic Pathology

Evaluate your laboratory's tissue and stain preparation with three new HistoQIP programs:

  • Gynecologic biopsy specimen slide preparation (HQBX4)
  • Mismatch repair protein IHC staining (HQMMR)
  • IHC staining of nonsmall cell lung cell carcinoma (HQNSC)


  • Monitoring Apixaban by measuring its anti-Xa activity (APXBN)

Genetics and Molecular Pathology

Support quality assurance in NGS with these new programs:

  • Molecular tumor profiling using cell free DNA (CFDNA)
  • Noninvasive prenatal screening of aneuploidies analyzing maternal plasma (NIPT)
  • IGHV somatic hypermutation (IGHV)
  • Customized in silico challenge for laboratories performing exome testing for undiagnosed disorders (NGSE)
  • Customized in silico program to support efforts to optimize, verify, and validate a laboratory’s bioinformatics process (NGSBV)
  • Transcriptome analysis using RNASeq (RNA)
  • Educational program for germline variant interpretation (VIP/VIP1)

Immunology and Flow Cytometry

  • Testing of alpha-2-macroglobulin to evaluate patients with pancreatitis and nephrotic syndrome (A2MG)
  • In silico challenges for detection of minimal residual disease by flow cytometry (BALL)
  • Detecting plasma cell neoplasms by flow cytometry (PCNEO)


  • Molecular testing of MRSA, 2 challenges (MRS2M)
  • Molecular testing of MRSA, 5 challenges (MRS5M)
  • Educational program with photopages of parasites not included in other Surveys (PEX)
  • Molecular testing of Zika (VBDM)

Quality Cross Check

Monitor performance and assess comparability across multiple instruments in your laboratory. New for 2018:

  • Test and compare reticulocyte percent and absolute counts for up to three instruments (RTQ, RT2Q, RT3Q, RT4Q)

Quality Management Tools

Aid quality improvement efforts in your laboratory with these new Q-PROBES™:

  • Physician satisfaction with clinical laboratory (QP181)
  • Laboratory turnover (QP182)
  • Technical competency assessment of body fluid slide review (QP183)
  • Laboratory result turnaround time for emergency room specimens (QP184)


  • Monitor trace metals at normal and toxic levels in whole blood (TMWB)

2018 Surveys

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