Transition to Work


These resources from the Career and Life Preserver address the time when many new-in-practice pathologists believe they must sink or swim. Learn about communication skills, confidence, and balancing the demands of a new job.

From making a strong first impression to knowing when to ask questions, the following tips and tools are "pathologist recommended."

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Transition From Fellowship or Residency

The transition from residency or fellowship to practice can be overwhelming. Resources for a respectful exit, certification steps, and ease of relocation can remove some of the stress.

Make the transition from fellowship and residency

Practice Life

Adapting to practice life can be daunting. To feel less overwhelmed, find out whom and what to ask, learn how to identify expectations, and build relationships and rapport with your colleagues.

Financial Planning

Transitioning from a resident's salary to that of a paid pathologist will be a significant change for a new pathologist.

Learn to manage your money

Job Relocation

The odds that you will begin your career as a new-in-practice pathologist at the same location where you trained or completed your fellowship are not likely.

Learn more about relocating

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