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This program offers one challenging case each month from the CAP Performance Improvement Program in Surgical Pathology. For each case, you will use a virtual microscope whole slide image of a surgical specimen to diagnose diseases. Occasionally, we will feature clinical pathology cases from the Clinical Pathology Improvement Program (CPIP) that will not require use of a virtual microscope.

You will be presented with information on each case including: specimen source, clinical history, laboratory findings, and a representative whole slide image of the surgical specimen. After you complete each case, you will receive a case summary with three multiple-choice questions that relate to the case.

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Case of the Month August 2018 - Colon

Colon - Featured Case of the Month

A 65-year-old man presents with intense abdominal pain and constipation. Computed tomography (CT) scans reveal a single large abdominal mass involving the transverse colon as well as abdominal lymphadenopathy. After segmental resection of the transverse colon, a single mass is identified, with a fleshy, tan appearance on cut sections. Immunohistochemistry shows that the lesional cells express CD20, PAX5, CD10, BCL6, BCL2, and kappa light chain, but are negative for lambda light chain, CD5, BCL1, EBER, and cytokeratin AE1/3. The proliferative rate by Ki-67 is approximately 50%. No follicular dendritic meshworks are seen by CD21. Molecular testing is positive for t(14;18), but MYC gene rearrangements are not identified.

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