Hematology/Clinical Microscopy Resource Committee



To define and monitor the state of the art and emerging technologies in hematology and clinical microscopy that contribute to the development, maintenance, and enhancement of effective hematology and clinical microscopy proficiency testing programs of the CAP; to provide information and expertise in hematology and clinical microscopy and related areas of the CAP and the CAP members; to contribute to the continuing education of the laboratory community through surveys, critiques, publications and participation in CAP educational programs; and to maintain liaison, where appropriate, with other organizations concerned with hematology and clinical microscopy.

This committee reports to the Council on Scientific Affairs. View a list of the current committee members and find additional resources and information on the hematology and clinical microscopy topic center.


Time Commitment Requirements
Number of face-to-face meetings 3 per year
Length of meetings 2 days
Typical meeting days Friday and Saturday
Meeting locations Meetings are usually held less than 50 miles from an airport. One meeting/year is held either in Chicago or immediately prior to the CAP annual meeting.
Number of conference calls Approximately 3 per year
Hours/year of committee work required outside of meetings Members 30+, Vice Chair 45+, Chair 75+
Additional travel or time commitments Attendance at Council on Scientific Affairs Leadership meeting for chair
Attendance at CAP annual meeting is recommended
Attendance at the International Society of Clinical Hematologists (for liaison member)

Activities of Committee

  • Provide scientific expertise to CAP regarding issues related to the practice of hematology and clinical microscopy.
  • Select cases and challenges for proficiency tests administered by the committee.
  • Monitor participants' performance on proficiency tests by evaluating data on the Participant Summary Reports.
  • Provide education for laboratory professionals by writing discussions for proficiency testing surveys and by writing material for CAP Today publications.
  • Provide education to CAP members through delivery of courses or other presentations at the CAP annual meeting and via written educational materials for CME/SAM credit.

Expertise or Experience

  • Experience and expertise in hematopathology or other pathology discipline related to hematology and clinical microscopy is necessary; areas of interest may include all or some of the following: benign or malignant hematology, hemoglobinopathies, bone marrow, urinalysis, and body fluids.
  • Interest in promoting excellence in the field of clinical pathology and the subspecialty field of hematopathology.

Benefits of Committee Membership

  • Opportunity to write discussions for continuing medical education (CME/CE/SAM) on hematology topics.
  • Opportunity to interact with experts from both academic and private sectors in the field of hematopathology.

Representation on Committee Beyond the CAP

  • One inbound liaison from the International Society of Clinical Hematologists

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