International Venture Steering Committee



To provide guidance to the CAP Board of Governors in matters related to the College of American Pathologists' (CAP) international market expansion. The International Venture Steering Committee (IVSC), in its advisory capacity, exercises oversight and leadership in the pursuit of emerging markets as well as building upon market presence in key markets as part of the CAP’s comprehensive international strategy.

This committee reports to the Board of Governors. View a list of the current committee members.


Time Commitment Requirements
Number of face-to-face meetings 2
Length of meetings 1 day
Typical meeting days Friday
Meeting locations Meeting locations vary; typically meetings are scheduled adjacent to another Board committee meeting (eg, Finance, Executive, etc)
Number of conference calls As needed
Hours/year of committee work required outside of meetings Members: 2 hours prior to meetings for agenda book review, 30 mins prior to conference calls;
Chair: 3 hours prior to meetings for agenda book review and meeting planning, 1 hour monthly conference calls with primary staff

Activities of Committee

  • The IVSC will serve as a "venture advisor" actively providing advice and insight and serving as a sounding board and thought partner to primarily International Market Development (IMD) business unit staff and CAP member leadership while providing governance oversight on behalf of the Board of Governors. The IVSC will provide feedback on:
    • Criteria for evaluating emerging and existing markets
    • Identification of "low-hanging fruit" opportunities
    • Business models for optimal market entry, penetration and continued growth
    • Recommendations on priority markets, market/product combinations, new product/service opportunities, and appropriate strategies for business unit integration
    • Recommendations to ensure a viable support structure for international business activities
    • Market entry/penetration timeline, including initial pilot activity
    • Financial and other metric projections
    • Plan execution performance including financials, metrics and processes
  • The IVSC will consider cross-functional, cross-divisional and cross-council issues, ensure alignment with CAP’s overall strategy, provide input on identified conflicts, provide feedback on country/market archetype design, and evaluate the cohesiveness and viability of the proposed strategies central to the College’s international market expansion plan.

Expertise or Experience

  • Committee members should be knowledgeable of and exemplify strategic thinking, be open-minded, have demonstrated business acumen in their own practices, and have a broad-based knowledge of the CAP, its operations and international markets. Additionally, IVSC pathologist members should be AP/CP boarded and experienced in directing both the anatomic and clinical laboratories.

Benefits of Committee Membership

  • Gain exposure to the CAP's international market expansion strategy and its fit within the overall CAP strategy
  • Learn about healthcare, laboratory quality and the practice of pathology in international markets

Interested in Joining this Committee?