Point of Care Testing Case Studies


The College of American Pathologist'’ Point of Care Testing (POCT) Committee conceived the POCT Toolkit (PDF, 245 KB) as a living document that will continue to be a valuable resource to persons involved with point of care testing.

One way to enhance and keep it an up-to-date, vibrant document is the inclusion of real life case studies regarding the problems and issues in POCT encountered by various individuals and institutions and how they were resolved.

Featured Case Study

Download the latest case study: pH Paper in the OB Suite (PDF, 245 KB).

Submit a Case Study

We would appreciate anyone who wants to share their experiences as you may help someone to resolve or avoid a similar issue of their own. Cases can be submitted to the committee using the POC Case Study Submission Form.


  • We ask that all cases be submitted in SBAR (situation, background, assessment, recommendation) format using the available template.
  • Remove any patient identifiers. It is up to you if you want your name or institution included in the case.