Professional and Community Engagement Committee



To deliver services and tools to support members in promoting themselves and their expertise and to advance effective relationships between pathologists and their professional colleagues. To raise the transformational image of pathologists in the public as leading patient advocates for excellence in diagnosis and medical testing through the implementation of programs and public statements on health issues that demonstrate the pathologist’s role in delivering quality and accessible patient care.

This committee reports to the Council on Membership and Professional Development. View a list of the current committee members.


Time Commitment Requirements
Number of face-to-face meetings 2
Length of meetings 1.5 days
Typical meeting days Saturday and Sunday
Meeting locations Usually less than 30 miles from an airport
Number of conference calls 1
Hours/year of committee work required outside of meetings Members 20-40, Chair 60-80
Additional travel or time commitments
  • Three council meetings for chair
  • Complete CAP Engaged Leaders Academy - new committee members

Activities of Committee

  • CAP Engaged Leaders Academy Event
  • Spokesperson Network activities
  • CAP Public Position Statements
  • Internet, Web collaboration issues
  • Patient and Public section on
  • Publicity materials
  • NewsPath®
  • Social media activities
  • Collaborate with the CAP Foundation on the See, Test & Treat® program

Expertise or Experience

  • Willingness to speak in public and with media would be useful
  • Desire to enhance the public image of pathologists and the profession
  • Interest in public perception of health care issues and in communicating to public and other audiences regarding pathologists vital role in quality patient care
  • Interest in public service projects

Benefits of Committee Membership

  • Enhance communications skills and work with the media through radio, print, Internet, and broadcast interviews, as well as video news releases
  • Help raise and shape the image of pathologists and pathology as a profession
  • Contribute articles to NewsPath® for online publication and/or mentor NewsPath authors
  • Chance to craft CAP Public Position Statements
  • Learn about and participate in College's See, Test & Treat® program