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It is certainly an exciting time to be a pathologist! Advances in science and technology have enabled us to understand human disease at a detailed cellular and molecular level, and the precision medicine paradigm reflects the goal of translating this wealth of biologic information into improved care for patients. Although precision medicine strategies have shown remarkable success in fields of medicine such as oncology, why have more common diseases such as diabetes and hypertension been resistant to this approach?

Making the Vision of Precision Medicine a Reality

In one sense, pathologists have been leaders in precision medicine for many years—from ABO matching for blood transfusion to establishing diagnostic standards for targeted molecular therapy. However, pathologists need to stay abreast of this rapidly evolving area of medicine, continuously learning about new technologies, emerging scientific discoveries, and the basis of novel therapeutic approaches. As the "doctor's doctor", our clinician colleagues will increasingly look to us to help them understand this complex emerging area of medicine and what it means for their patients.

Expertise in Precision Medicine

The Personalized Health Care Committee presents resources which focus on emerging areas of precision medicine. This includes brief, relevant articles by CAP members that enable the reader to gain a better understanding of a particular area of precision medicine. Examples include pharmacogenetics, immune response genes, and the latest in the molecular drivers of cancer. Articles often include curated references so readers may learn more about a particular subject area.

We hope you find these resources useful, and if you have ideas for topics you would like to learn more about please do not hesitate to email us.

– Matthew W. Anderson MD, PhD, FCAP and Jordan S. Laser, MD, FCAP on behalf of the Precision Medicine Resource Center project team

Articles and Presentations by the Personalized Health Care Committee

The following articles and presentation were developed by members of the Personalized Health Care Committee and cover a variety of precision medicine topics.

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