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Practice Management Directory Frequently Asked Questions

The Practice Management Directory lists pathology practice management firms referred by members of the College of American Pathologists (CAP).

Read the following frequently asked questions about the directory.

How do I qualify to be listed in the CAP Pathology Practice Management Directory?

  • Step 1: Complete the CAP Pathology Practice Management Directory Application.
  • Step 2: Get three referrals for your firm. At least two of the referrals must be from CAP Fellow. Each Focus Area associated with a firm's services must be noted on at least one of the referrals received by CAP. Firms may submit more than three referrals to have all their Topic Areas covered.
  • Step 3: Complete the Pathology Practice Management Directory Confidential Firm Referral form. For each of the three referrals, complete the top portion of the firm referral form.
  • Step 4: Complete the application and send the application and application fee (check or credit card information) to the address listed on the application. You can also send your Annual Fee with the application.
  • Step 5: Send the Confidential Firm Referral form to those who are providing your referrals and have them send the form to the fax number or address listed on the referral form.
  • Step 6: When the application, application fee, referral forms, and annual fee are received you will be a qualified candidate to be loaded and activated in the directory.

What are the fees for my firm to be listed in the directory?

For new listings there is a $50 application fee that must be paid for your application to be processed. Annual listing fees are based on the number of employees in your firm.

January — December Annual Listing Fees

  • For a firm with 1-15 FTEs the annual fee is $500.
  • For a firm with 16-50 FTEs the annual fee is $1,000.
  • For a firm with over 50 FTEs the annual fee is $1,500.
  • If a firm wishes to list more than one address, each additional address is $500 annually.

What are the benefits of being listed in the directory?

  • Only firms who are listed in the directory can participate in Consultant Corner at the CAP's annual meeting. Firms who participate in the Consultant Corner also receive recognition on the appointment form distributed to all attendees.
  • Firms listed in the directory that exhibit at CAP's annual meeting receive free signs recognizing that they are current listings in CAP's Practice Management Directory, which can only be achieved if they have been referred by CAP fellows.
  • When a CAP member requests practice management services not provided by CAP, they are referred to the directory.

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How do I check on the status of my directory application?

Please email Jackie Glanton with your organization name, approximate application date and from whom CAP will receive your referrals. She will reply to your primary contact with the status of your qualification process.

Can my firm become a listing at any time during the year?

Yes, firms can qualify to be listed at any time during the year. Based on the month the firm is activated in the directory, the annual listing rate will be prorated by the number of months remaining in the annual listing period (July – June). For example, a firm with 15 or less employees that is activated in October 2009 will pay a listing fee of $525 for the initial listing period. A firm can be listed for a minimum of 4 months. A firm that qualifies in April through June will be required to sign up for the subsequent annual listing period.

How often can I update my directory information?

After the initial listing is verified, CAP will collect submitted changes and update the directory as needed on a monthly basis.

What are the requirements to qualify as a candidate for being listed in the directory?

  • Submit an application.
  • Pay Application Fee of $50. Non-Refundable Application Fee must be received before application will be processed.
  • Submit three written referrals. At least two of the referrals must be from CAP Fellows.
  • Pay Annual Listing Fee.

What additional conditions must a firm meet to be listed in the directory?

  • To be included in the directory, a firm and its primary contact must not be listed in the Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General's List of Excluded Individuals/Entities Online Searchable Database.

    The CAP only verifies a firm and its primary contact are not so listed as part of the initial application process.

    If CAP is informed that any firm or person associated with a firm is so listed, the CAP will remove their listing from the directory as soon as possible.

  • The CAP may be unable to list firms performing certain services due to previous contractual obligations. Currently, the CAP is constrained from listing insurance firms in the directory.

How long after I qualify is my listing included in the directory?

Typically it will take two weeks from when a listing is determined to be a qualified candidate for it to be loaded into the directory.

What if I want to stop my listing mid-term?

You can request removal from the directory at any time. CAP will remove your listing as part of its next monthly directory update. However, once you have been listed in the directory, your paid listing fee is non-refundable.

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What if I want a second address listed for my firm?

The listing of an additional address for a firm is facilitated by an additional entry in the directory. The annual fee for the additional entry is currently $500. While no additional referrals are required for additional addresses, each Focus Area associated with a firm's directory entries must be noted on at least one of the referrals received by CAP.

Can you provide further explanation of the Practice Management Topic Areas?

In the following descriptions the term “Tools” includes products, services and education that facilitate or enhance the performance of pathologists.

Laboratory Products and Services/Medical Director/CLIA Laboratory Director — Tools for improving laboratory operations and meeting or exceeding accreditation requirements of laboratory services. Tools that assist pathologists to meet or exceed their CLIA specified duties as a Laboratory Director.

Compliance and Risk Management — Tools for developing and maintaining an organization's effort to minimize risk through compliance programs, risk sharing, and risk reduction systems.

Coding and Reimbursement — Tools for developing and improving the appropriate capture and reimbursement for the services provided by pathologists and/or the laboratories they direct.

Business Development and Marketing — Tools for maintaining and growing a pathologist's customer base through market analysis, business development planning, test menu expansion, and recognizing and developing new business opportunities.

Information Technology — Tools for analyzing pathologists' information technology requirements and benefits, maximizing the effective and efficient use of their current systems, and/or finding and implementing new information technologies to improve a pathologist's practice.

Financial Management/Governance/Business Operations —Tools for facilitating organizational development, facilitating mergers and joint ventures, maintaining and improving financial resource management, providing legal advice and improving business operations for improved efficiency and financial health of pathology practices.

Human Resources — Tools to assist in choosing, retaining and developing a high performance team of pathologists, practice administrators and laboratory staff while meeting local, state and federal employment laws and regulations.

Professional Development — Tools for helping pathologists improve their professional skills including leadership, negotiation, communication, management, time management, conducting meetings, and other skills and expertise needed to function at high level in a pathology practice.

Why does the directory have a complaint initiated de-listing procedure?

The perceived value of any directory lies in the quality of the firms listed and firms in this directory qualified to be listed by providing member referrals. To maintain the quality of the directory also requires a transparent process to remove a firm that is found not to meet directory standards.

To ensure the value of the directory to those listed and to those using it, the CAP, in conjunction with its legal council, developed a complaint initiated de-listing process.

In general, the CAP members will be directed to take any concerns or complaints directly to their vendor. Additionally, for complaints based on grounds listed in the complaint procedure, a member can request the CAP to initiate the de-listing procedure (PDF, 15 KB).

Here is sampling of the grounds for which a firm could be de-listed:

  • Conduct contrary to the CAP's Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Nondelivery of 30% or more of paid for products or services
  • Being listed in the Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General's List of Excluded Individuals/Entities ("OIG's Exclusion List").

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

If you have any questions regarding the process or would like to receive a copy of the Pathology Practice Management Directory Complaint Initiated De-listing Procedure, please send the CAP your request or question.