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Becoming a CAP Board Member

Are you ready to make a bigger impact on pathology? Consider becoming a candidate for a position on the CAP Board of Governors.

Election Dates

The 2024 election dates are August 20, 2024-September 19, 2024. The following positions are open for election:

  • Secretary-Treasurer (1 position)
  • Governor (4 positions)

Timetable for the 2024 Election

April 13House of Delegates Candidates' Forum at spring House of Delegates meeting (participation in forum is optional)

April 11-12

Nominating Committee meets to interview candidates and choose slate.
June 21President communicates report of Nominating Committee to all Fellows.
July 21Deadline for nomination by petition
August 20Members must be in good standing (Board Approved) and current with their 2024 membership dues no later than August 20, 2024 by 11:59 PM CDT
August 20Link to online ballot sent to Fellows. A letter is mailed to all those Fellows the CAP cannot email.
Please note the link and letters may be sent as many as 5 days earlier.
September 19Deadline for ballots - must be submitted by 11:59 PM CDT.
September 23Candidates notified of results by Elections Oversight Committee Chair.
September 24Election results posted on cap.org.
October 19Election results announced and the elected candidates take office at CAP Business Meeting.

Nomination Process

Candidates can be nominated by the CAP Nominating Committee or by petition with signatures from 100 CAP Fellows in good standing.

The CAP Nominating Committee meets in April to interview candidates and select its slate. Candidates interested in becoming nominated by the Nominating Committee should contact Leah Noparstak by April 1, 2024.

The deadline for nomination by petition is July 21, 2024.

Term and Commitment

The terms of the positions are:

  • Secretary-Treasurer: 3 years
  • Governor: 3 years

The Board holds four meetings per year for three days each. Board members also have considerable commitments preparing for meetings and between meetings. Download the Time Commitment for Board Members for more information.


Members of the CAP Board of Governors are not paid. However, CAP officers (ie, president, president-elect, and secretary-treasurer) receive a small per diem for days spent away from their practice on CAP business.

The CAP reimburses Board members for meeting travel costs and provides a small budget for reimbursement of reasonable office expenses necessary to fulfill their duties.

Governor Candidate Qualifications

  • Candidates for Governor must have been a CAP Fellow in good standing for a minimum of five years prior to nomination

Officer Candidate Qualifications

  • Candidates for an officer position (ie, president-elect or secretary-treasurer) must have been a CAP Fellow in good standing for a minimum of ten years prior to nomination
  • Candidate for an officer position must also have served on the CAP Board of Governors prior to nomination

CAP Election Procedures

The election procedures have been adopted in order to ensure a fair and impartial process for the election of Officers and Governors of the College of American Pathologists. They conform to the provisions in the Bylaws of the CAP.

CAP employees may not support candidates or show that they favor any candidate in a CAP election. Learn more about the employee non-involvement policy in the election campaign process.

Board Position Descriptions

Download the detailed description for the following board position:

More information on the CAP Leadership is available in About the CAP.

Board of Governors Election Information

Access all the information about the 2023 CAP Board of Governors election and nominated candidates.

Meet the candidates Right Arrow

For questions, more information, or to begin your candidacy for the CAP Board of Governors, contact:

Leah Noparstak, MBA
Manager, Committee Services and Nominating Committee
800-323-4000 ext. 7438 or 847-832-7438