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Pathologists Quality Registry

Benefits of the Pathologists Quality Registry

Pathologists Quality Registry: It Pays to Deliver Quality Care

The Pathologists Quality Registry is a qualified clinical data registry (QCDR) launched by the CAP in 2017. The registry can improve practice performance, through benchmarking against other pathology practices, and make it easier for pathologists to qualify for bonuses under Medicare's Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) and Quality Payment Program (QPP). Developed by the CAP members and FIGmd, a leading provider of clinical data registries for physician specialties, the registry will be the first qualified clinical data registry developed specifically by pathologists for pathologists.

The Pathologists Quality Registry has advantages over claims-based reporting for several reasons:

  • Claims-based reporting does not support reporting for all categories of MIPS
  • Claims-based reporting is only available for a subset of measures that can be found in the Pathologists Quality Registry
  • Claims-based reporting is only based on Medicare patients, not all of your applicable patients
  • The CMS' data suggest clinician performance is higher when reporting through a registry due to the availability of additional clinical data to support measures

The Pathologists Quality Registry applied for and received 2018 special designation from the CMS (called QCDR status), which allows us to offer an additional nine QCDR measures that are important and applicable to pathologists and not offered anywhere else. These nine QCDR measures are not offered anywhere else and are in addition to the eight QPP/PQRS measures, developed and stewarded by the CAP, which are currently in the public domain. This gives pathologists more choices in reporting. By using the Pathologists Quality Registry, participants can optimize bonus potential with these pathology-specific measures.

Quality Payment Program (QPP)

Learn more and view CAP resources to help you understand how the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) affects pathologists.

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