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Updates on LDT Oversight

Get the facts and additional information on legislation pertaining to laboratory-developed tests and the VALID Act.

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  • Payment For Pathology Services

    View the latest policy and strategy to ensure fair pay for the value pathologists provide to patients.

  • Lobbying And Political Action

    Promote a favorable and effective regulatory environment at the federal and state levels. Engage through our grassroots program PathNET and political action committee PathPAC.

  • Good Faith Estimates Toolkit

    Understand what’s expected for pathologists.

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  • QPP for Pathologists

    Succeed under Medicare’s new payment system with our pathologist-focused quality measures and clinical data registry.

  • Laboratory Oversight And Regulation

    Protect patients without overburdening pathologists.

  • Latest News And Practice Data

    Receive the latest updates on CAP advocacy and socioeconomic trends among pathology practices.