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House of Delegates

The Voice of the Membership

The House of Delegates (HOD) represents the voice of CAP membership and is a gateway to leadership. The HOD ensures that CAP policies and initiatives meet the needs of the members we represent. Our strategy is to:

  • Articulate to the Board of Governors what the HOD believes are needs of our members
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the CAP to meet these needs
  • Provide feedback and progress back to our constituents

Steering Committee

The House of Delegates Steering Committee acts as an executive committee and conducts business during the interval between HOD meetings. Learn about steering committee positions and view current members of the Steering Committee here.

HOD Meeting Information

HOD meetings are a forum to engage with CAP leadership. These meetings are an opportunity for CAP leadership to gain insights on the needs of members, and for HOD members to get updates on how the CAP leadership is addressing member needs. HOD meetings play a vital role to assist the CAP stay current and relevant to its members.

HOD meetings are held twice a year—in the spring and fall. HOD members fulfill their role by attending these meetings. Note: HOD meetings are open to all CAP members who wish to attend.

  • 2024 Spring House of Delegates Meeting at Pathologists Leadership Summit – April 13, 2024, Washington, DC
  • 2024 Fall House of Delegates Meeting at CAP23 – October 19, 2024, Las Vegas, Nevada

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The Dr. Mary Elizabeth Fowkes House of Delegates Pathology Achievement Award

The Dr. Mary Elizabeth Fowkes House of Delegates (HOD) Pathology Achievement Award is presented annually to a HOD member who demonstrates commitment to and achievements in bridging state and federal resources to advance the work of pathologists, and/or who excels in the ability to work effectively across various pathology organizations to identify common ground and address issues of concern. The honoree is invited to accept their award in person at the Fall HOD meeting. Note our 2024 nomination period is open March 1– May 31, 2024.

Eligibility and Evaluation

  • Any current or former CAP HOD member in good standing can be nominated except for those currently serving on the House of Delegates Steering Committee (HODSC), with the exception of the immediate past Speaker.
  • Any current or former CAP HOD member in good standing is eligible to nominate award candidates.
  • Self-nominations or incomplete nominations will not be considered. The HODSC reserves the right to NOT confer an award in any given year.
  • The HODSC will evaluate all nominations and select an awardee in June 2024. The honoree will be notified in July 2024.
  • No information about the nomination evaluation process and/or the nominees can be shared prior to the official notification of the award honoree.

Criteria to Consider When Nominating a Candidate
Specific behaviors and accomplishments that a nominee should exhibit include:

  • Measurable commitment to state-level advocacy, including efforts to bridge state and federal resources to advance pathologists and the specialty of pathology.
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively with various pathology organizations, including subspecialty groups, to identify common ground and address issues of concern.

The HOD in Action

  • Candidate Forum: CAP Board of Governors 2023

  • Candidate Forum: CAP President-Elect 2023

2023 HOD Candidate Forums (videos above) - The House of Delegates hosted the President-elect Candidate Forum moderator by Speaker, Sang Wu, MD, FCAP and the Board of Governors Candidate Forum moderated by Vice Speaker, Marilyn M. Bui, MD, PhD, FCAP at the 2023 Spring HOD Meeting in Washington, DC. Questions from CAP HOD members were presented to the candidates for response.

See past presentations and videos from meetings you may have missed.

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Delegation Directory

If you have an issue you want the HOD to address, or would like an update on HOD activities, search our Delegation Directory to find members of your local delegation who can assist you.

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