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House of Delegate Steering Committee Information

Elected House of Delegates Steering Committee members (HODSC) serve two-year terms with elections scheduled during our virtual Fall 2020 House of Delegates meeting on October 10, 2020. The HODSC ensures that HOD meetings are productive and valuable and that the HOD continues to be a strong voice of the membership. Involvement in the HODSC is a great way to take advantage of the leadership opportunities offered through participation in the HOD.

Important Information and Deadlines for the 2020 House of Delegates Steering Committee Election

To attend the virtual HOD Fall meeting on Saturday, October 10 at 10:00AM CT, you must register for the CAP20 Virtual Meeting. 

There are two options for registering:

  • If you plan to attend AND claim CME, please register for $150.
  • If you plan to attend but NOT claim CME, you may register with the promotional code NOCME.

How to Claim Your Electronic Ballot

To claim your electronic ballot to vote in the 2020 HOD Steering Committee election, you must register for CAP20 Virtual by noon CT on Friday, October 9. Voting will be done electronically and limited to a 10-minute voting window on October 10 from approximately 10:20-10:30 am CT.

  • If you are a delegate and do not register for CAP20 Virtual by the designated cutoff time, a registered alternate delegate will be selected to vote in your place. Electronic ballots will be emailed to qualified HOD registrants the morning of the election.
  • The Member-at-Large position is the only contest in this year’s election with three (3) candidates running for two (2) positions. Please watch the candidate videos below. Note, the videos will be played during the meeting and prior to voting.
  • Zero members provided notice to the Election Oversight Committee to run “from the floor” by the advertised August 28, 2020 deadline.

Meet the 2020 HODSC Candidates- Nominated by Committee and by Petition

Below is the slate of candidates running for the House of Delegates Steering Committee. Note, CVs for all the candidates will be included in the Fall 2020 HOD Meeting agenda book.

  • Speaker: 
    • Kathryn T. Knight, MD, FCAP
  • Vice Speaker: 
    • Sang Wu, MD, FCAP
  • Secretary: 
    • Martha R. Clarke, MD, FCAP
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: 
    • Michael C. Dugan, MD, FCAP
    • Megha G. Joshi, MD, FCAP
  • Member-at-Large: 
    • Marilyn M. Bui, MD, PhD, FCAP
    • Elizabeth T. Martin, MD, FCAP
    • Vaishali M. Pansare, MD, FCAP*

*running by petition

Candidates for Member-at-Large (contested) Position:

Watch the following videos and meet the Member-at-Large candidates for the 2020 HODSC Election. 

  • Marilyn M. Bui, MD, PhD, FCAP Member-at-Large
  • Elizabeth T. Martin, MD, FCAP Member-at-Large
  • Vaishali M. Pansare, MD, FCAP Member-at-Large

Current House Steering Committee Members

SpeakerKathryn T. Knight, MD, FCAP
Vice SpeakerSang Wu, MD, FCAP
SecretaryMartha Clarke, MD, FCAP
Sergeant-at-ArmsMichael C. Dugan, MD, FCAP
Nicole Riddle, MD, FCAP
Member-at-LargeEmily Ann Green, MD, FCAP
Megha G. Joshi, MD, FCAP
AdvisorJames E. Richard, DO, FCAP