CAPcasts from the College of American Pathologists

The College of American Pathologists' CAPcasts feature interviews with leading pathologists on current issues impacting pathology and laboratory medicine.

  • CAP Foundation Chat - Connecting Pathologists and Patients

    In this special CAPcast episode, CAP Foundation President Eva M. Wojcik, MD, FCAP, talks with CAP Foundation board member Sara Herbek, Esq, and CAP Board member Diana Cardona, MD, FCAP. They share their personal connections to the CAP Foundation and discuss advocating for your own personal health and the work the Foundation is doing for pathologists and patients.

  • How to Understand, Compare, and Choose a Molecular Test

    As leaders in the medical laboratory, pathologists are important gatekeepers to the highest value use of ancillary testing techniques for patient samples. So, how can a pathologist prepare for questions on molecular tests before they come? In this episode, Jennifer Yoest, MD, FCAP, author of the new Clinical Pathology Improvement Program case Choosing a Molecular Test: Techniques Decoded, shares her thoughts.

  • Applying Liquid Biopsies to Cancer Biomarkers in Circulating Tumors

    The liquid biopsy has rapidly emerged as a method to minimize the amount of tissue needed for testing, making it a less invasive and safer alternative to more traditional procedures. As it continues to evolve, liquid biopsies offer exciting new options in the practice of pathology. In this episode, Maria Arcila, MD, FCAP, and JinJuan Yao, MD, FCAP, discuss the development of this new diagnostic tool.

  • Advocacy Priorities with CAP President Dr. Donald Karcher

    We sat down with the newly inaugurated CAP President Dr. Donald Karcher to discuss the CAP's legislative priorities and how advocacy by CAP members can advance the profession.

  • Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

    In this CAPcast, Mary Edgerton, MD, FCAP, talks with experts in pancreatic cancer research, diagnosis, treatment, and patient advocacy.

  • October 2023 Advocacy Recap

    This month we'll be looking at the excellence of the CAP's proficiency testing, add-on services responsible for Medicare cuts, Excited Delerium, and more. We'll also sit down with Matthew Foster MD, FCAP, to go over what CAP members advocated for, how it was received in Congress and how members can get involved in the future.

  • CAP Author Chat - Whole Blood Viscoelastic Assays in Clinical Diagnosis

    This episode features a conversation with Oksana Volod, MD, FCAP, editor and co-author of the new book, Whole Blood Viscoelastic Assays in Clinical Diagnosis: An Illustrated Case-Based Guide. A comprehensive resource on viscoelastic testing for pathologists, clinical laboratory scientists, and other health care professionals, the book addresses hemostasis, physiology, conventional assays for its assessment and their advantages and disadvantages, and therapeutic agents used in patient management.

  • Digital Pathology Implementation at Duke Health

    Joseph Sirintrapun, MD, FCAP, and Diana Cardona, MD, MBA, FCAP, discuss implementing digital pathology at Duke Health. Dr. Cardona shares the challenges and easy wins Duke Health has experienced so far in the process and where she sees digital pathology heading in the next 5 to 10 years.

  • How Pathologists Can Leverage AI to Improve Patient Care

    Artificial intelligence, also known as AI, is streamlining processes within health care, particularly related to diagnosing and managing patient care. In this interview with Becker’s Healthcare, M.E. (Doc) de Baca, chair of the College of American Pathologists’ Council on Informatics and Pathology Innovation, discusses the complexities of integrating AI into patient care, considering the practical, ethical and collaborative aspects that need to be addressed for effective implementation and improved patient care.

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    October has been recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month for nearly four decades. In this CAPcast, Mary Edgerton, MD, PhD, FCAP talks with Regina Barzilay, PhD, Ross Simpson, MD, FCAP, Timothy Law, MD, and Patient Advocate Rebecca Seago-Coyle. The group discussed what’s on the horizon for breast cancer research, how it will impact patient outcomes, and the role of pathology data in these efforts.

  • Pre-Analytic Best Practices for a Successful Digital Pathology Implementation

    The digital transformation of pathology is underway, and laboratories increasingly need equipment and software that enables the use of innovative diagnostic tools such as machine learning/artificial intelligence. Matthew Hanna, MD, FCAP, authored a new Informatics Essentials for Pathologists case on pre-analytic best practices for digital pathology implementation, which he discusses in this episode.

  • September 2023 Advocacy Recap

    This month we'll discuss efforts to improve Medicare payments for pathologists, advocacy wins with UnitedHealthcare, and name changes for cytotechnologist.

  • Artificial Intelligence in Precision Medicine

    Artificial intelligence is an exciting technology impacting the practice of pathology. When applied to the area of precision medicine, especially to treat oncologic disease, even more frontiers open for providing better patient care.

  • A Pathologist's Journey to Wellness

    Srividya Sathiyamoorthy, MD, MS, FCAP, shares her personal journey to wellness after dealing with years of musculoskeletal pain and offers advice to other pathologists about the importance of seeking help and advocating for yourself.

  • The Role of Biorepository Accreditation in Advancing Neurological Research

    CAP's Biorepository Committee member Nalin Leelatian, MD, PhD, joins the podcast to talk about neuro biorepositories and how the CAP's Biorepository Accreditation Program (BAP) improves the quality and consistency of biobanks.

  • Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

    September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. In this CAPcast, Mary Edgerton, MD sits down with pediatric cancer experts to talk about their work as it relates to the updated Pediatric Cancer Protocols released in September 2023.

  • August 2023 Advocacy Recap

    This month we'll examine advocacy to prioritize Medicare payment reform in Congress, efforts to strengthen enforcements of payment decisions under the No Surprises 2Act, the critical research done by the CAP to study pandemic-era laboratory supply shortages, and more. We'll also speak with Dr. Glenn Ramsey of Northwestern medicine about the importance of sickle cell disease awareness and the fight to ensure adequate treatment and care for all those impacted with the condition.

  • Financial Tips for New-in-Practice Pathologists

    Retirement may be years away, but it's never too early to start planning and saving. Abdul Abid, MD, a member of the New-in-Practice Committee talks with Brian Truscott, a certified financial planner and wealth management advisor who shared his tips on retirement plans, debt repayment, and investment considerations for early career pathologists.

  • Forensic Pathologists React to "Psych"

    We asked three real-life forensic pathologists to watch "Autopsy Turvy," an episode of the TV show "Psych" (season 6, episode 14), and fact-check the truth from the fiction. Featuring three members of the CAP’s Forensic Pathology Committee, this is the second installment in a series of CAPcasts where pathologists react to how forensic scientists are portrayed in TV and film.

  • Appendix Cancer Awareness Month

    August is Appendix Cancer Awareness Month. In this CAPcast, Mary Edgerton, MD sits down with Katie Hagen, MD to talk about appendiceal carcinomas and how the Cancer Protocols support patient care and treatment when it comes to GI tumors.

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