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Delegates Responsibilities

If you are a CAP Fellow and are interested in being a member of the House of Delegates, or you are already a delegate, familiarize yourself with leadership opportunities and other helpful information to start your delegate journey.

HOD Members

Review job descriptions to learn about the basic roles, qualifications, and duties for the key positions within the HOD.

Delegation Chair

The Delegation Chair’s primary responsibility is to oversee and coordinate the activities of the Delegation they represent. The Chair is responsible for guiding the Delegation to ensure representative attendance at HOD meetings, disseminating communications from the CAP relevant to the HOD, and working with the HOD leadership to advance the mission and objectives of the House.

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Members of the CAP House of Delegates (HOD) serve as an important communication and membership link between CAP leadership and CAP members. The delegate is a key source of information on activities, programs, and policies of the CAP. This role is a direct contact for the individual CAP member to communicate with and contribute to the recommendation of CAP policy positions, including the identification of situations that might be addressed through policy implementation efforts, and the implementation of CAP policies.

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House of Delegates Rules

The HOD conducts its business according to their own set of rules—these rules are periodically reviewed and revised to align with the HOD vision, mission, and strategy.

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HOD Leadership Positions

The following positions make up the HOD Steering Committee.


The speaker is the principal officer of the House of Delegates (HOD) and serves as an important communication link between the HOD and the Board of Governors (BOG). The Speaker will preside at meetings, maintain order and decorum and appoint Committees/Action Groups of the House as appropriate.

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Vice Speaker

The Vice Speaker is an ex-officio officer of the CAP Board of Governors and officer of the House of Delegates. The Vice Speaker serves as the principal officer of the House in the absence of the Speaker.

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The Secretary is an officer of the House of Delegates and shall be responsible for all records of the House of Delegates. The Secretary shall ensure that all pertinent business is accurately and promptly recorded as well as keep the minutes of the proceedings of all meetings and transactions of the House of Delegates.

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The Member-at-Large is an elected member of the House of Delegates Steering Committee (HODSC). Their chief function is to represent the interests of the HOD at the House of Delegates Steering Committee. The Member-at-Large serves as a liaison to Councils and HOD action groups, as assigned by the Speaker of the House.

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