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State Pathology Societies

You have the power to safeguard your practice and protect the interests of your patients. Join. Respond. Advocate.

Partner with the CAP to successfully execute your next state society meeting.

State Pathology Society Directory and Upcoming Events

To strengthen the profession of pathology nationwide, we partner with state pathology societies to bolster advocacy efforts at the state and federal levels on issues including:

  • Insurance network adequacy
  • Billing for pathology services
  • Protecting scope of practice
  • Medicare, Medicaid, and private sector payment
  • Laboratory benefit management programs

For more information on advocacy support available through the CAP, please contact Barry Ziman in our Washington, DC office.

Resources for State Pathology Societies

Fundamentals of Successful State Advocacy

The information in these modules will give you a solid foundation to understand how to advocate on health policies concerning pathologists in your state. You can access this learning activity from any computer, tablet, or smartphone device with a web browser. Explore the modules in any order at your convenience. Please note, your progress will not be saved between visits and this is not a graded learning activity. Finally, use this as a reference as you engage in state advocacy activities, and feel free to share it with your colleagues.

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Advocacy Fundraising—a Guide for State Pathology Societies

This guide outlines a strategy for fundraising so your society can conduct effective state advocacy. This guide also offers insights on best practices for fundraising and campaign strategies, as well as sample language for creating messages, emails, and letters for use in your fundraising efforts. Fill out and submit a short form to receive these resources via email.

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When it Comes to Fundraising, Some Day is Not a Day of the Week

If your society waits until an issue comes before your state legislature to raise funds, it is often too late and the pressure of fundraising at the last minute is something we should all try to avoid. In this recording, you will:

Don’t wait until some day to get started on raising society funds for advocacy. Start planning now so your society will have the advocacy funds it needs when it needs them. You’ll be glad you did.

Growing Your Membership— a Guide for State Pathology Societies

This guide includes actionable steps you can take to help gain new members, increase renewal rates, and keep your society thriving into the future. Included are sample email and personal letter templates to aid in the creation of your messages, emails, and letters. Fill out and submit a short form to receive the resources via email.

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Best Practices for Recruiting Members

Struggling to grow membership in your state pathology society? You are not alone. Learn how to engage pathologists across your state and best practices for conducting a successful membership campaign from colleagues who have uncovered the key to success.

Three Steps to Increase the Viability of Your Society

The CAP is committed to assisting you in improving the viability of your state pathology society. To further that goal, the CAP’s “Three Steps to Increase the Viability of Your Society,” moderated by former CAP President, Patrick Godbey, MD, FCAP, shares key learnings on the use of virtual meetings and partnering with industry in a virtual environment to increase member engagement.

Meeting Support for State Pathology Societies

CAP's virtual platform allowed our state society meeting to proceed without a hitch. But most importantly the support staff, served as invaluable resources to our team and were incredibly helpful in answering questions and helping with the technical features of the platform during our event. Thanks so much for your kind support!

Suzanne Dintzis, MD, PhD, FCAP
Washington State Society of Pathologists

Partner with the CAP to successfully execute your next state society meeting. The CAP has multiple levels of support for your society as you plan your next meeting, including:

  • Meeting promotion: Your meeting dates can be included in the CAP’s events calendar.
  • Guest speakers: CAP leadership is available to speak at your meeting on Advocacy, Laboratory Improvement, and Quality.
  • Virtual meeting platform: This is available to state pathology societies for a maximum of three times each year at no charge. CAP staff will run the platform for your virtual meeting. Use this form to get started.
  • Joint Providership: As an accredited (with commendation) ACCME provider, we are proud to offer Joint Providership at a discounted rate to state pathology societies. If your state society offers educational activities complementary to CAP’s mission statement, we are happy to consider your educational program(s) for our Joint Providership program. Learn more about Joint Providership

The CAP continues to surprise me. Not only did CAP's support of the virtual platform aid us financially, but their knowledgeable personnel assisted us in coordinating the event. Many have commented it was the best educational meeting we've sponsored.

Ryan H. Livengood, MD, FCAP
West Virginia Association of Pathologists

Affiliate Agreements to Help Build Membership

Our affiliate agreement is an excellent opportunity to build your state pathology society membership. By signing the agreement, you share your current membership list with the CAP. In return, we provide a member list with a preferred address in your state served by the state pathology society.

Our member list may be used for state pathology society business such as:

  • Notification of society meetings and offerings
  • Calls to action
  • Invitations to join or renew membership

Currently, 35 state societies have signed affiliate agreements with CAP to help in their membership efforts.

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