What is PathPAC?

PathPAC is the political action committee established by the CAP in 1992 and dedicated solely to representing pathologists.

PathPAC supports and represents the interests of pathologists on Capitol Hill through political and financial means. PathPAC strives to increase the political awareness of our members through political analysis, education, and helping our members build relationships with members of Congress.

PathPAC is the voice of pathology in the election process. Through the PAC, the CAP provides direct support for federal candidates for Congress. The PAC also has a political education fund that supports the political education of our members through events like the annual Policy Meeting in Washington, DC.

PathPAC: Amplifying Pathologists’ Voices

Political Education Fund

As part of the CAP’s political action committee, PathPAC, we use a non-hard money account called, a political education fund (PEF) account. Federal law requires that all contributions to the PEF be in the form of corporate dollars. Note, PathPAC may not accept any personal, individual contributions designated to the PEF.

PathPAC Information for Our Members

Members can log in learn how to get involved in PathPAC as well as donate.

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