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Enroll in the Pathologists Quality Registry

What I Need to Know to Enroll in the Pathologists Quality Registry

Enrollment for the Pathologists Quality Registry is open. We encourage all eligible pathologists to participate in Medicare's Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), including quality measure reporting and improvement activities attestation. The Registry will have options for all pathologists to reduce the burden of reporting. Pathologists who use an LIS have the opportunity for integration, and paper-based practices have the opportunity for web data entry. We encourage pathologists to consider the benefits of reporting through the Pathologists Quality Registry over other options.

If you participated in the 2017 MIPS Reporting Solution, please contact your FIGmd client account manager (CAM) to let them know you'd like to participate in the Pathologists Quality Registry for 2018. Your CAM will then facilitate the migration of your information from the 2017 MIPS Reporting Solution enrollment portal to the Pathologists Quality Registry enrollment portal.

The Pathologists Quality Registry

Can my practice submit data through automatic extraction?

The CAP is currently pilot testing LIS-, billing system- and EHR-facilitated data entry into the registry. Please contact the registry staff if you would like more information on automated data extraction from your pathology information system.

Can my practice submit data through manual web data entry?

The Pathologists Quality Registry offers a solution for pathologists who do not or cannot report through automated systems. The manual data entry web portal can begin accepting your 2018 data on January 2, 2018. For manual data entry, practices must complete the enrollment process no later than October 1, 2018 in order to be eligible to submit 2018 MIPS through the registry and to start entering data to meet the CMS' MIPS 2018 reporting deadline of March 2019.

How do I get started?

Prior to entering any manual data, practices must:

  • Ensure you have all of the necessary information to enroll readily available. We suggest you review the Enrollment Checklist and watch the Enrollment Training Video prior to initiating enrollment.
  • Sign legal agreements and pay annual fees via the enrollment portal.
    • Annual fee (Members): $299/member
    • Annual fee (Non-members*): $799/pathologist

* Non-members are provided an opportunity to join the CAP during the enrollment process in order to qualify for the discounted member rate.

Once you have completed enrollment, you will be contacted by the registry about next steps. Read more on what to expect once enrollment is complete.

January 2, 2018Registry web portal opens for 2018 manual data entry
June 30, 2018Enrollment for 2018 system integration closes to ensure time for data mapping
November 9, 2018Enrollment for 2018 reporting via manual data entry (Quality and Improvement Activities) closes
December 21, 2018Enrollment for 2018 Improvement Activities-only closes
January 18, 2019Attestation for Improvement Activities, manual entry of 2018 cases and all data mapping for data integration sites must be completed.
February 15, 2019All 2018 Quality and Improvement Activities must be submitted to CMS The CMS deadline to submit is March 31, 2019, however the CAP needs sufficient time to investigate if any error codes are received during transmissions. These can be caused by erroneous NPIs, TINs, etc. and we want to ensure all clients data is transmitted successfully.

All data for 2018 submission must be in the registry by January 18, 2019; no additional 2018 data can be accepted into the registry after that date. Between January 2 and February 15 each year, practices will review their data, select appropriate measures for transmission, sign their data consent release form (DCRF) and click on the ‘Submit’ to officially submitted to the CMS prior to their deadline, which has historically been March 31.

Enrollment User Guide

Enrollment Training Video

Frequently Asked Questions

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