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Enroll in the Pathologists Quality Registry

The College of American Pathologists encourages all eligible pathologists to participate in Medicare's Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), including quality measure reporting and improvement activities attestation. The Pathologists Quality Registry allows practices to report on CMS-approved quality measures and attest to participation in improvement activities.

Flexible Data Submission Options to Match Practice Needs

The Pathologists Quality Registry offers pathologists several options for submission of quality measure data:

  • Integration with your Laboratory Information System (LIS): Practices with access to LIS data can enable quality data from the LIS to be electronically pulled into the registry for quality measure calculation, or a LIS data file can be uploaded by the practice to the registry via Secure FTP site using a prescribed format. All our registry measures can be reported using this pathway. Enrollment in the registry must be complete by January 31 of the reporting year, to provide enough time to ensure a connection with the LIS, and timely practice preliminary review of measure capture.
  • Billing/claims data combined with an Excel file for QCDR measures: Practices can provide quality measure data to the registry using billing data (supplying G-codes/CAT II Codes/QDCs)in a prescribed format via Secure FTP site. Only QPP measures can be reported using this pathway. QCDR measure data cannot be reported with G-code/CAT II codes/QDCs, so the additional QCDR measure data must be provided to the registry via an Excel file in a prescribed format. Early enrollment in the registry must occur by April 15 of the reporting year, to provide enough time to ensure the practice is trained in how to submit the data, and practice preliminary review of measure capture.
  • Manual entry (web tool data entry and Excel file): Practices that cannot integrate their LIS or provide a billing data feed have the option for web-based data entry or data upload via an Excel file in a prescribed format. Practices choosing this option for data submission must complete the enrollment process no later than July 15 of the reporting year.

All options require a minimum of quarterly data submissions throughout the performance year.

Systems Providing Data to Our Registry

The CAP has successfully taken in data files queried from the following Laboratory Information Systems and billing companies into the Pathologists Quality Registry for MIPS reporting.

Laboratory Information Systems:

  • AP Easy
  • Cerner CoPathPlus
  • Cortex Gold Standard
  • Meditech
  • NovoPath
  • Orchard Pathology
  • Sunquest PowerPath
  • Windopath
  • Practice-developed Information Systems

Billing and Practice Management Companies:

  • APS Medical Billing
  • Change Healthcare (CHC)
  • Engage Healthcare Business Services
  • HCS Billing Services, LLC
  • Medreceivables
  • Medusind
  • Physician Data Management LLC/Coronis Health
  • XIFIN, Inc.

Contact the registry staff for more information on system integration with your billing company or pathology information system.

How to Get Started

Interested practices should note that enrollment at the lowest enrollment fee includes membership application or renewal be completed prior to enrollment. must be completed by the dates noted above for each data submission type.

Prior to enrollment, practices should:

  1. Check their CMS QPP Account and generate a list of all members of your practice with their MIPS eligibility status.
  2. Use the list of members to note CAP membership status. If any pathologists need to become a member or renew membership, please complete this prior to enrollment so that the practice can take advantage of the lowest rates. Non-members may join the CAP prior to the Pathologists Quality Registry enrollment process to qualify for the discounted CAP member rate. Discounted group practice membership rates are available. Join the CAP as a group and strengthen your practice, evolve your team's skills, and support the future of pathology. Learn more about CAP member benefits.
  3. Complete the Registry Inquiry Form. Once received, the CAP's registry staff will schedule a pre-enrollment call to learn more about your practice and determine which data collection method is best and discuss registry fees.
  4. During enrollment, you will be required to e-sign legal agreements (Business Associate, Participation, and Data Warehouse Agreements) and pay the annual enrollment fees.

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