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Pathology in Practice: The Breast HER2 Spectrum

Nov 18, 2021


Pathology in Practice: The Breast HER2 Spectrum” will focus on HER2 testing in breast cancer, highlighting the evolution of guidelines to reflect changing clinical practice needs. Discussion topics include a brief review of current testing guidelines and best practices for HER2 scoring using cases to illustrate challenging pre-analytic variables and staining patterns*.


Dylan V Miller, MD, FCAP
Hannah Wen, MD, PhD
David G. Hicks, MD, FCAP

Learning Objectives

  • Summarize recent clinical advances in breast cancer HER2 expression​
  • Discuss HER2 testing guidelines implementation in practice while appreciating their continuous evolution​
  • Build on existing interpretation strategies for HER2 IHC analysis in breast cancer​

*This webinar is hosted by the CAP Foundation with generous sponsorship from AstraZeneca and Daiichi-Sankyo.