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Addressing Compliance Issues Before They Happen

Nov 27, 2018

Compliance is a subject that can strike fear in the heart of the most stalwart pathologist—But, it doesn’t have to! Join us for a webinar on “Current Topics in Compliance” to unravel some its complexities, including the necessary elements of a robust Compliance Plan per the OIG and a discussion of some of the more risk-prone areas of pathology practice.

By attending the webinar you will:

  • Discuss and define the issues of pass through billing
  • Describe Anti-Kickback and STARK issues that may impact your practice
  • Identify possible HIPAA exposures in your operation
  • Explore billing and coding compliance matters
  • Define the critical civil and criminal penalties that may be encountered in a practice
  • Recognize why a compliance plan is an important aspect of your practice


Moira P. Larsen, MD, MBA, FCAP
Patrick Wilson, MD, FCAP