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Artificial Intelligence Applications for Ex Vivo Microscopy

Nov 4, 2020


Ex vivo microscopy (EVM) comprises an exciting set of technologies that enable pathologists to digitally scan tissue without the need to produce a glass slide. EVM datasets are uniquely suited to take advantage of promising advances in artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. Dr. Reder will give examples of how AI has been used to improve image resolution, pseudo-color images to more familiar color palettes (H&E), segment nuclei, quantify tumor cellularity and more. He will also explore possibilities for future AI applications in EVM including prognostication and prediction of response to treatment and presence of genetic alterations.

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe the properties of EVM that make it uniquely suited to AI algorithms
  2. Describe the potential uses of AI for image enhancement and analysis of EVM images
  3. Understand the limitations of AI in EVM

Webinar Materials

Handout (PDF)


Nicholas Reder, MD, MPH, FCAP