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Coping with COVID-19 Impacts on the Pathologist Workforce

Aug 11, 2020

Real-World Strategies to Offset the Impact of COVID-19 On Practice

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the pathologist and laboratory workforce, with many practices experiencing a tremendous human burden along with decreases in AP and CP testing volumes and other financial strain. Practices across the U.S. are taking measures to help mitigate loss in these uncertain times, but have you wondered if there is more you could do to help your practice survive?

Join Thomas M. Wheeler, MD, FCAP, chair of the CAP’s Policy Roundtable Steering Committee and David J. Gross, Ph.D., Director, Policy Roundtable College of American Pathologists, as they share data on COVID-19 impacts from two recent Policy Roundtable surveys with CAP-accredited laboratories including key findings on pandemic impacts to pathologist staffing, pay and benefits, and changes in testing volumes in CAP-accredited laboratories with the emergence of the pandemic.

Karim Sirgi, MD, MBA, FCAP will engage participants following the presentation of survey data in a virtual roundtable that furthers learning through the sharing of experiences by peers for coping with pathologist workforce impacts such as:

  • Recruiting and staffing
  • Measures to help mitigate the loss of income
  • Salary impacts
  • Impacts by specialty
  • Special burdens being placed on the laboratories involved in COVID testing

Plan on participating in this virtual roundtable and you will learn:

  • The impact of COVID-19 on the pathologist workforce at a national level
  • Strategies being used by peers to address recruiting and staffing issues, pathologist pay and benefits, and mitigating loss of income


Thomas M. Wheeler, MD, FCAP, chair of the Policy Roundtable Steering Committee
Karim Sirgi, MD, MBA, FCAP, member, Practice Management Committee
David J. Gross, Ph.D., director, Policy Roundtable