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Drug Testing: Today and Tomorrow

Aug 22, 2020


Timely and accurate drug level testing becomes crucial in field of sports (doping test) and in-patient management with a chronic pain. It is also a critical element in workplace screening and the standards and methodology have evolved since its initial introduction.

Increasingly, organizations are seeing the value of drug testing as a defense in their safety measures. As such there is a greater need for understanding the different biological matrices that are used for drug testing, their effectiveness in reducing drug use, and explore future challenges.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the pharmacology of different specimens, their advantages and disadvantages in drug testing.
  2. Review of health monitoring programs and commonly screened drug testing panels.
  3. Learn more about the importance and applicability in other areas such as pain management and forensic toxicology.


Michael Peat, PhD


Handout (PDF, 814 KB)

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