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Fight Claim Denials with Data

May 2, 2023


Despite submitting clean claims, pathology practices are faced with a significant percentage of their claims being denied by commercial and government payers. As soon as a claim is denied, the chances of collecting decrease, and the time to collect increases.

What can a pathology practice do to support billing operations?


  • Identify common causes of claim denial
  • Find and analyze data from billing reports and remittance advices
  • Develop a plan to prevent future denials
  • Create a process for denied claim documentation


Juanita Evans, MD, FCAP, Michigan Diagnostic Pathologists
Al Sirmon, Pathology Practice Advisors

Stephanie Denham, CPA, AVP, RCM System and Analytics, XIFIN
Diana Richard, Senior Director, Pathology and Strategic Development, XIFIN

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