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Help! There’s a Staffing Shortage in the Lab

Dec 13, 2022


You know better than anyone how staff shortages affect laboratory productivity and outcomes: quality issues, turnaround time delays, or even increased contamination rates.

As the pathologist, you’re at the center of the lab—and you’re often the one looked to for guidance on how to mitigate these issues.

Join the CAP Practice Management Committee to learn strategies to support workforce retention, adjust workloads when short-staffed, and boost staff satisfaction.


  • Develop strategies to retain your current laboratory staff
  • Understand potential changes to workflow to address shortages
  • Increase job satisfaction in non-monetary but meaningful ways

Webinar Material


Moderated By:
Melora Berardo, MD, FCAP

Linda Canada, BS, MT (ASCP), Laboratory Director, Methodist Hospital
Monika Pilichowska, MD, PhD, FCAP
Joyce Schwartz, MD, FCAP
Peter Ercoli Chief BS, Chief Operating Officer