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In Vivo Microscopy for Guiding Biopsy Acquisition in Patients

Feb 26, 2019

Currently, biopsy is guided by visual or endoscopic inspection that cannot take into account the microscopic morphology of disease. One of the most significant contributors to inaccuracy in diagnosis is sampling error that occurs when a biopsy is taken from the wrong location within a large tissue field. In vivo microscopy (IVM) encompasses emerging technologies that allow microscopic images to be obtained from living patients. IVM can overcome sampling errors by allowing microscopic assessment of large swatches of tissue, the analysis of which can be used to target biopsy acquisition from regions that contain the most severe disease. In this webinar, we will introduce the concept of in vivo microscopy guided biopsy and will show how it is being used clinically and in research to increase tissue sampling diagnostic yield.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the basic principles of IVM and IVM-guided biopsy
  • Obtain knowledge regarding the different forms and applications of IVM-guided tissue biopsy
  • Learn about the next generation of IVM-guided biopsy techniques

Webinar Materials

Handout (PDF, 3.4 MB)


Guillermo J. Tearney, MD, PhD, FCAP