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Laboratory Quality Improvement Ideas From CAP Inspections

Apr 25, 2023


Deficiencies from inspections can provide helpful insight for a stronger quality plan and open opportunities for discussion and improvement for all laboratories. With 2022 deficiency data as a basis for the training, this complimentary CAP webinar will help laboratorians to further understand how such a deficiency can occur and best practices to include in a solid quality program. 

Join presenter Harris Goodman, MD, FCAP, in this 60-minute session. Dr. Goodman is a CAP inspection team leader, division commissioner for the US California Central Coast, member of the Checklist Committee, the Commission on Laboratory Accreditation, and the Council on Accreditation. He brings his inspector insight and knowledge to this review. There will be time for questions and answers after the presentation.


  • Review the most cited deficiencies as a basis for correction
  • Learn how to improve laboratory processes to prevent deficiencies
  • Discuss the latest CAP tools/resources


Harris Goodman, MD, FCAP, chief of the department of pathology and medical director of the clinical laboratory for Alameda Health System, president and CEO of Paragon Pathology Medical Associates

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