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Laboratory Work-up of Lymphoma in Adults

Dec 10, 2020


This webinar will present the recently published ASCP-CAP “Laboratory Workup of Lymphoma in Adults” guideline with evidence--based recommendations for suitable types of specimens for lymphoma workup including surgical biopsy, needle core biopsy, fine needle aspiration, bone marrow, and cerebrospinal fluid. Hear the perspectives from hematopathology and oncology subject matter experts on diagnostic utility of ancillary testing, as well as the requirements for clinical follow-up. Finally, the panel will review good practice statements that address specimen handling, use of clinical information, result reporting and peer review.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand diagnostic capabilities and limitations of each specimen type obtained for the diagnosis of lymphoma.
  2. Utilize the recommendations to optimize ancillary testing and accurate interpretation of results.
  3. Apply the good practice guidelines for handling and adequacy, appropriate triage processes, and peer review process in your institution.

Webinar Materials

Handout (PDF)


Cordelia Sever MD
Matthew Cheung MD