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Next Generation Ex Vivo Digital Microscopy for Anatomic Pathology Practice

Aug 24, 2023


The emerging field of a variety of next-generation ex vivo digital microscopy tools brings opportunities for evaluating their promising potential for Anatomic Pathology practice. The webinar will address some currently available ex-vivo microscopy platforms that have been proven suitable for surgical pathology and cytopathology practice. Three presenters will cover the current status of each of these platforms. The webinar will include a session devoted to addressing audience-generated questions related to ex vivo microscopy and Anatomic Pathology.


  • To be familiar with the emerging field of optical imaging, including digital modalities with relevance for tissue evaluation.
  • Understand the potential of ex vivo digital microscopy tools for several applications related to the practice of Anatomic Pathology. 
  • Recognize the currently available ex vivo microscopy tools and their advantages and limitations for potential applications.


Savitri Krishnamurthy MD, FCAP
Sandra Camelo-Piragua MD, FCAP
Nick Reder MD, MPH, FCAP