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Partnering with You on Your Digital Pathology Journey

Mar 22, 2023


The increased usage and application of digital tools in the daily practice of pathology has brought significant changes to traditional diagnostic methods. To help pathologists keep current with these technological innovations, the Digital and Computational Pathology Committee (DCPC) has launched a variety of initiatives in education, implementation, and standardization. The CAP also offers collaborative and collective digital pathology resources. Through this webinar, panelists from the DCPC hope to connect with other member pathologists and to help each other embark on the digital pathology journey to benefit patient care.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learning how DCPC can help facilitating the digital pathology journey for practicing pathologists
  2. Be familiar with the existing resources of CAP on digital pathology
  3. Explore opportunities that DCPC and CAP can help members in their digital pathology journey


Marilyn Bui, MD, PhD, FCAP and Savitri Krishnamurthy, MD, FCAP


Patricia Raciti, MD, FCAP; Lewis Hassell, MD, FCAP; S. Joseph Sirintrapun, MD, FCAP and Clarissa Jordan, MD

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