Personal Finance

Nov 12, 2021


New-in-practice pathologists encounter a new set of financial challenges while transitioning to their first full-fledged attending position. Often, newly minted attendings are trying to pay-off old debts while looking forward to retirement accounts, buying their first home, and going on overdue trips with neglected loved ones. These often-postponed life goals are paired with a bevy of new professional responsibilities…It’s a juggling act. This roundtable seeks to identify these early financial hurdles, provide a basic mantra for prioritizing goals, and present tools for managing them.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify common financial challenges and issues for fellows and new attendings
  • Understand the common pathology practice structures and benefits of each
  • Discuss the importance of balancing debt, savings, and expectations
  • Define common saving vehicles and appropriate utilization
  • Review several situations commonly encountered and management approaches


Alan Brown, MD, FCAP
South Texas Pathology Associates
San Antonio, TX

Jaclyn Rudzinski, MD, FCAP
North Dallas Pathology Services
Dallas, TX

Webinar Materials

Presentation (PDF)