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What to do When You Make A Mistake? Get Sued?

May 10, 2022


"It is likely that most of us will experience at least one diagnostic error in our lifetime, sometimes with devastating consequences."
-- Institute of Medicine report: Improving Diagnosis in Healthcare

Pathologists continue the work of reducing laboratory error using validated systems to improve quality and reliability. Nevertheless, despite our best efforts, errors will inevitably occur. Pathology and laboratory errors can have "devastating consequences" not only to the affected patients but to the pathology practice and the involved laboratory professionals. Our topic experts will help our audience navigate the complex topic of errors in medicine and begin to outline best practices to consider both before and after such errors occur.

Learning Objectives

  • Review the definitions and approaches to "errors" in medicine and pathology
  • Discuss the legal ramifications of medical error and current legislation and regulations regarding error disclosure and apology
  • Discuss strategies for error management at the business or group level


Juanita Evans, MD, FCAP


Suzanne Dintzis, MD, PhD, FCAP
Timothy Craig Allen, MD, JD, FCAP

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