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Accredited Laboratory and Biorepository Directory

The searchable database includes laboratories and biorepositories accredited by the College of American Pathologists. The database does not include what tests a laboratory performs, for example, COVID-19. We recommend that you consult your physician or local public health facility for assistance identifying laboratories performing the test you need.

Achieving and maintaining laboratory accreditation is vital to providing high-quality patient care. The CAP’s Accreditation Programs are universally regarded as the most rigorous choice to achieve and maintain accreditation. Participation in the CAP’s accreditation program demonstrates the laboratory’s and biorepository’s commitment to the highest quality and patient care.

Please note: If your search by name is not successful, try a keyword within the name. For example, if "Children's Hospital Laboratory" is unsuccessful, try "children."

"Whenever I see "CAP Accredited" in a laboratory that serves my family, I feel confident that the laboratory subscribes to the highest standards."

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