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CAP Accreditation Readiness-Assessment (CARA)

We understand that the compliance process can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Our CAP Accreditation-Readiness Assessment (CARA) is an on-site, high-level evaluation of your key laboratory policies and processes by an experienced CAP inspector. This educational evaluation is customized to your laboratory.

Program Benefits

CARA will help laboratory staff to:

  • Better understand CAP Accreditation requirements as they apply specifically to your facility
  • Identify areas where your laboratory’s performance meets standards and where improvement is necessary
  • Utilize tools provided by the CAP to develop an action plan

Program Details

  • An assessment by CAP inspection specialists educates the laboratory staff with specific, reliable, and actionable information in preparation for CAP Accreditation.
  • Findings are for the laboratory’s use only; they are not part of the laboratory’s accreditation history or made available to subsequent CAP inspection teams.
  • CARA assessments are tailored to each laboratory but may cover topics such as:
    • Laboratory Information Systems
    • Laboratory Reports
    • Test Requisitions
    • Test Method Validation Studies
    • Blood Product Administration
    • Collection and Processing of Blood Products
    • Laboratory Safety Programs
    • Testing Personnel Qualifications
    • Laboratory Employee Training and Competency Assessment Hubs
    • Quality Management Systems
    • Quality Control Program
    • Document Control Program
    • Proficiency Testing Program
  • Final report details assessor’s findings and recommendations

Program Fees

There is a per-day fee for this service, and the laboratory is also billed for the assessor’s travel expenses (airfare, hotel, transportation, meals, etc). The length of time required for each assessment is based on the size and scope of testing performed, so is unique to each laboratory.

CARA Information Request Form

Tell us about your laboratory and request an estimate by completing the CARA intake form. One of our accreditation specialists will contact you about costs and next steps to schedule a CARA.

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