2023 PT Enhancements

Beginning in 2023, the CAP is offering several online enhancements to improve the proficiency testing (PT) customer experience.

Result Form Data Entry Method Summary

Based on customer feedback, the CAP has reinstated the method summary page, which is accessible by logging into e-LAB Solutions Suite (ELSS). By clicking on Result Form Data Entry, you can access the method summary for a PT program by locating your laboratory’s kit using the filter options. Under the Other Actions header, click View Method Summary to see your laboratory’s previous method selections, listed by test. If no method was previously selected, you will see a prompt on the result form to enter the missing information. You may download or print the method summary, if needed.

Improved Online PT/EQA Resources

Beginning in 2023, the CAP will launch improved resources for your PT and external quality assessment (EQA) needs. You’ll have access to a wide range of support materials and a robust online portal for managing your PT/EQA programs. New customers will be able to follow simple steps to get started, while current customers can bookmark the PT Resources page for quick access in one convenient location.

Paperless PT Result Forms

The CAP no longer provides a printed copy of the result form in your kit(s) or accepts emailed, faxed, or mailed results. Your laboratory can access the online result form in ELSS and may download or print the result form, if needed. While most program kits will not include a paper result form, the following programs will continue to have a paper result form.

  • CAP/NSH HistoQIP Biopsy Series (HQIPBX)
  • CAP/NSH HistoQIP Specialty Series, Gastrointestinal Biopsy Module (HQBX1)
  • CAP/NSH HistoQIP Specialty Series, Dermatologic Biopsy Module (HQBX2)
  • CAP/NSH HistoQIP Specialty Series, Urogenital Tract Biopsy Module (HQBX3)
  • CAP/NSH HistoQIP Specialty Series, Gynecological Biopsy Module (HQBX4)
  • CAP/NSH HistoQIP – IHC Series (HQIHC)
  • CAP/NSH HistoQIP In Situ Hybridization (HQISH)
  • CAP/NSH HistoQIP Melanoma IHC (HQMEL)
  • CAP/NSH HistoQIP Mismatch Repair IHC (HQMMR)
  • CAP/NSH HistoQIP Central Nervous System IHC (HQNEU)
  • CAP/NSH HistoQIP Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma IHC (HQNSC)
  • CAP/NSH HistoQIP Whole Slide Image Quality Improvement Program (HQWSI)
  • CAP/NSH HistoQIP Cell Block Preparations (HQCLB)
  • CAP/NSH HistoQIP Targeted Therapy (HQTAR)
  • Fine-Needle Aspiration Glass Slide (FNAG/FNAG1)
  • Nongynecologic Cytopathology Education Program (NGC/NGC1)
  • Gynecologic Cytopathology PAP Education Program (PAPCE/APAPCE, PAPJE/APAPJE, PAPKE/APAPKE, PAPLE/APAPLE, PAPME/APAPME Series 1 or 2)
  • Glass Slide Cytopathology PAP PT Program (with Glass Slide Education) (PAPCPT/APAPCPT, PAPJPT/APAPJPT, PAPKPT/APAPKPT, PAPLPT/APAPLPT, PAPMPT/APAPMPT)

These programs do not lend themselves to a paperless result form at this time; however, submitting your results online is preferred.