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PT Result Forms Going Paperless in 2022

Beginning in 2022, we will no longer include a printed copy of the result form in your kit(s) or accept emailed, faxed, or mailed results. Your laboratory can access the online result form in e-LAB Solutions Suite Lock and may download or print the result form, if needed.

This change is not only good for the environment, but also improves efficiency and reduces paper in the laboratory. The benefits of accessing the result form in e-LAB Solutions Suite to enter proficiency testing (PT) results include:

  • A user-friendly data entry interface that employs logic to help flag missing or incomplete information, and “Helper Text” functionality that provides decimal precision for result entry.
    • To turn on the Helper Text, you must select Show Helper Text on the result form page in e-LAB Solutions Suite.
  • Pre-populated method, instrument, and unit of measure information
  • The most current PT results due date information
  • Quick navigation to kit instructions and online images/videos
  • Access to evaluations and participant summary reports
  • Access to the performance analytics dashboard, a Web-based reporting solution for your laboratory’s PT and accreditation performance
  • Receipt of automated email alerts and reminders
  • Easy maintenance of required records for compliance

What You Need to Do Prior to the Arrival of Your 2022 Program Shipments

Please ensure that your laboratory is set up to enter results online by referring to the e-LAB Solutions Suite Quick Guide.

Laboratories enrolled in CAP PT programs have the option to submit quantitative PT results via direct transmission. This complimentary service enables laboratories to electronically transmit quantitative results from their laboratory information system (LIS) or using Data Innovations® Instrument ManagerTM.