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Case Examples

Learn how CAP member pathologists bring value in the delivery of patient-centered, high-quality care in ways that include integrated care coordination, cost containment, population management, laboratory quality improvement, and medical expertise.

Featured Case Example

Pathologists Behind the Scenes – At the Forefront of Health Care

When the CEO of a major health care system asked Karim Sirgi, MD, MBA, then the chairman of the pathology department and president of the medical staff, “What do you pathologists do? I know you come to work every day, but no one sees you,” Dr. Sirgi responded: “The best way to understand what we do is to imagine a hospital without pathologists. Although we are invisible to the patient, invisible to many physicians, and invisible to most administrators, without us, medical care comes to a screeching halt.”

In a tertiary care setting, the pathologist’s role is even more complex than in the primary care setting, often escalating from lab tests to a biopsy to surgery and the removal of a segment of, or an entire, organ. This gradation of care is completely dependent upon the expertise and judgment of pathologists.

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