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Case Examples

Learn how CAP member pathologists bring value in the delivery of patient-centered, high-quality care in ways that include integrated care coordination, cost containment, population management, laboratory quality improvement, and medical expertise.

Featured Case Example

3 Principles of Collaborative Partnerships Guide Care at MD Anderson Cancer Network

Pathologists at MD Anderson Cancer Network are collaborating with colleagues across the nation and world to address gaps and improve patient care through the laboratory

When Joseph Khoury, MD, FCAP, works with a new medical laboratory at an affiliate institution that is joining the MD Anderson Cancer Network, he is part of a multidisciplinary team taking steps to help improve quality by identifying potential process gaps, thriving on the mutual exchange of ideas that ultimately benefits patients and the public within that community. 

Compared to other specialties, we are really leaders in terms of quality management and quality improvement; to a large extent due to the nature of our specialty lending itself to quantitative measurements of quality

Call for Case Examples

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