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CY Survey Case Submission Guidelines

The CAP/American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) Cytogenetics Committee has developed criteria to evaluate cases for use in a CY Survey.

Use the following criteria when assessing a case for submission and provide all the information outlined. Cases can be submitted electronically.

If a case is chosen for use in a CY Survey, the submitting laboratory will be reimbursed $200.00 for each case.

Submission Criteria

  • Select cases that are technically good examples of abnormalities a cytogenetics laboratory might reasonably expect to encounter.
  • Complete the Clinical Information Form. The form requires information about the case history and laboratory contact person.
  • Submit 8–10 cells with a minimum of 4 per cell line. For each cell, submit:
    • Enhanced karyotype: Each karyotype must show that an overlap is present. Do not overtrim or mirror image chromosomes
    • Unenhanced/raw metaphase
    • Enhanced metaphase. Enhance images should be enhanced prior to chromosome cutting.

      Metaphase Guidelines:

      • Must be at least 96 dpi measuring 8 x 6 TIFF images. JPEG images cannot be submitted.
      • No red boundary lines
      • No fused box frames around chromosomes
      • No halos around a chromosome (occurs when a chromosome is enhanced by itself, in karyotype mode)
      • Fuse an entire cell into one frame for both sets of images. The enhanced and raw/unenhanced images need to match.
      • Do not remove debris or nuclei that are close to a chromosome.
  • Rename laboratory images with sequential numbers (eg, 1–10).
  • Double check that all submitted cells:
    • Are complete
    • Are not in duplicate
    • Are not flipped or rotated
    • Have abnormal chromosomes separated and/or the region of the abnormality is not overlapped
  • Every cell should be at the 400-band level or higher.
  • Cells should have very few overlaps and, in particular, should not have overlaps in regions critical to characterizing the abnormality.
    • Although it is preferred that cells with triple overlaps not be submitted, if this cannot be avoided, please draw attention to the overlap in your image (eg, draw a box around it).
  • Results from other staining techniques can be provided when pertinent and of educational value.
  • Cases submitted must be stripped of all patient identifiers, except for a unique laboratory identifier/laboratory name.
  • Images should be submitted electronically to Jaimie Halley, CAP Surveys Department at jhalley@cap.org.

Submit Your Case

Please direct case submission to Jaimie Halley, CAP Surveys Department.

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