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MyCAP Mobile App Release Notes

MyCAP 2.3

Jul 21, 2023

New features:

  • Compare your FastFive performance to your peers
  • Included a profile flag "Accepts Requests for Formal Consultation"

Improvements to existing features:

  • Improved UI on Education Tab
  • Removed locked rounds in FastFive Challenge
  • Included a countdown on FastFive Challenge rounds that are about to expire
  • "Past CAP Involvement" available in Member Directory

MyCAP 2.2

Mar 27, 2023

New features:

  • Member exclusive content is accessible for Medical Students and International Junior Members
  • Medical Students can be filtered in the member directory

Improvements to existing features:

  • FastFive Challenge will offer a randomized round on the Education Screen
  • Advocacy Update search is fixed to be by descending order
  • Fixed Advocacy Update share feature

MyCAP 2.1.2

Mar 7, 2023

Improvements to existing features:

  • Fixed app crashing error on tablet

MyCAP 2.1

Dec 27, 2022

New features:

  • New content indicators on Home screen and Education screen
  • Added “Time to Read” to Peer Content on Home screen
  • Enhanced profile editing
  • Added Skill Set field
  • Ability to add a new Place of Work and Fellowship to profile

Improvements to existing features:

  • Option to receive push notifications for new FastFive Challenges and Cancer Protocols
  • Improvement to “not authorized to view content” error experience
  • Enhancement to Pathology Case Challenge question and answer screens
  • More accurate and personalized CME tracking

MyCAP 2.0

Oct 4, 2022

New features:

  • Added FastFive Challenge
  • Navigation includes an “Education” tab
  • “Case of the Month” renamed to “Pathology Case Challenge”, moved to Education tab
  • Kabob menu for easy access to information
  • Link to Join/Renew Membership in kabob menu
  • Links to donate to PathPAC and CAP Foundation in kabob menu
  • Added new Membership fields to Member Directory:
    • Residency
    • Update title and credentials
    • Website
    • DEI related fields

Improvements to existing features:

  • Updated UI design
  • Advocacy moved to the home screen
  • Enhanced searchability in Member Directory

MyCAP 1.6

Jun 22, 2022

New features:

  • Release notes available to view in-app

Improvements to existing features:

  • Minor updates to member directory profiles
  • Enhancement to directory scrolling
  • Better filtering functionality in member directory search
  • CAPcast screens formatted for tablets

MyCAP 1.5

Jun 8, 2022

New features:

  • House of Delegates section in Member Directory
  • Ability to share CAPcasts, Peer Content, Case of the Month, and Advocacy Updates

Improvements to existing features:

  • Improvements to Member Profile Builder flow
  • Update to location search in Member Directory
  • Updates to content search for more flexible queries
  • Contact information available for Staff Committee Members
  • More descriptive, content-specific push notifications

MyCAP 1.4.5

Jun 7, 2022

Improvements to existing features:

  • Text update to login message

MyCAP 1.4

Jun 5, 2022

Improvements to existing features:

  • More robust analytics tracking ​
  • Deep-linking push notifications with custom content ​
  • Visual enhancements ​
  • Ability to provide custom maintenance alerts ​
  • Minor content and feature enhancements