Frequently Asked Questions, Sample Exchange Registry

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To ensure a quality experience using this service, the CAP requires a minimum of three participants testing for the same analyte and methodology prior to facilitating the exchange process. Once your information through the Contact Information Form has been received, it will be placed in the system awaiting additional participants. The CAP will contact you once the above criteria have been met.

No, everyone is welcome to participate. A CAP number is required when you complete a submission form.

A list of submitted analytes is not available at this time.

We do ask that each participating laboratory donate samples for assessment. The CAP facilitates the exchange of specimens between laboratories and does not provide specimens.

This service is complimentary. However, participants are responsible for the costs of viral marker testing, any reflex testing performed on positive results and material shipment costs. If this testing can be done at your facility, this fee is waived. Note that documentation MUST be provided. All samples, with the exception of purified DNA/RNA, formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue, require viral marker testing. Urine specimens must be tested for blood and if they contain blood, viral testing is required.

All samples (excluding purified DNA/RNA, FFPE) must be negative for hepatitis B surface antigen, hepatitis C antibody, HIV I and II antibodies and syphylis.

The sample exchange is based on the ability to obtain at least three laboratories that have submitted results for the same analyte/method and/or instrument combination/sample type. Once this minimum criterion is achieved, the CAP will summarize the data and provide a report to each participating laboratory.

Samples are sent twice a year based on availability.