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Twitter Chat Wrap-Up: Risk Management – Avoiding Legal Pitfalls for You & Your Lab

On Tuesday, July 20 at 9pm EST, I took over the CAP Twitter handle (@Pathologists) to host a discussion on what pathologists and laboratories need to know about risk assessment and legal issues. I was joined by expert panelists Timothy Allen, MD, JD, FCAP (@TimAllenMDJD) and attorney Elizabeth L.B. Greene (@Eliz_LB_Greene).

Below are some highlights from the discussion:

Michael J. Misialek, MD, FCAP
Michael J. Misialek, MD, FCAP, is associate chair of pathology at Newton-Wellesley Hospital in Newton, Massachusetts. Dr. Misialek is a strong advocate for the recognition of pathologists in patient care and an early adopter of patient consults.

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