• Twitter Chat Wrap-Up: How Pathologists Can Engage + Connect with Medical Students

    From the pros and cons of using social media and how/what/when/where to engage, pathologists shared their tips for increasing the visibility of pathology among medical students during a recent #capchat.

  • Parenting Hacks for the New-in-Practice Pathologist

    Being a parent is hard work. Find out how one of our new-in-practice member's leverages a pathologist's favorable work-life balance to navigate the curves of parenthood. 

  • The Importance of State Pathology Membership: The Massachusetts Experience

  • Residents Fall 2019 Update

    This update from Adam L. Booth, MD , chair of the RFEC touches reasons to attend CAP19 to the energized CAP for Medical Students page.

  • Top 5 Reasons to be a Pathologist

    From being central to patient care, at the front lines of cutting edge technologies, and offering a wide scope of practice, this video explores the top five reasons why medical students should pursue a career in pathology.

  • The Top 5 Pathology Myths – Busted

    The specialty of pathology is often a mystery to medical students. This article brings to light the truths surrounding the top five myths about pathology. 

  • What is Pathology?

    Watch a video on how some of our resident members define pathology, and why they are pathologists, as well as listen to an interview with educator Dr. Husain Sattar.

  • The State of Pathologists Job Market and Compensation

    Leveraging data to show positive trends when it comes to finding a job in pathology and compensation, now is a great time to be a job-seeking pathologist.

  • From Medical Education to Financial Education for Residents

    Rumeal D. Whaley, MD, recaps Anne M. Mills, MD, FCAP presentation Financial Health for the Pathology Trainee and interviews Fellow CAP member Lester D.R. Thompson, MD, FCAP, in advance of his financial presentation at the 2019 Fall Residents Forum Meeting.

  • The Dotted Line: 5 Tips for Navigating the Laboratory Management Structure

    For pathologists to be effective in dotted-line leadership roles, they need to positively influence the work practices within the laboratory. The pathologist must be viewed as an approachable, knowledgeable, and helpful advocate for quality testing and employee and patient safety. 

  • CAP and State Society Partner in Legislative Win for Patients

    The Washington State Society of Pathologists partnered with CAP advocacy to effectively address out-of-network or surprise billing to the benefit of patients and pathologists.

  • Finding Your Work-Life Balance

    Dr. Juanita Evans explains how taking stock of your priorities and your routine can reduce the stress and pressure that come with feeling unfocused.

  • Culture Club: Promoting a Culture of Safety and Quality

    An interview conducted by CAP member Dr. Michael Misialek with Dr. Yael Heher, assistant professor of pathology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, about her interest in quality and safety.

  • Residents Spring 2019 Update

  • Supervising and Teaching Pathology Residents

    CAP member Dr. Lauren King shares four key things new-in-practice pathologists can use when supervising and teaching pathology residents.

  • Four Reasons Private Practice Pathologists Benefit from CAP Membership

    Dr. Juanita Evans focuses in four reasons AP membership is relevant to pathologists in private practice.

  • News for Residents

    This update from Adam L. Booth, MD 2019 chair of the RFEC presents news for CAP resident members.

  • Interviewer Skills for the New-in-Practice Pathologist

    New-in-practice pathologists need to know how to interview just as much to be interviewed. Dr. Roseann Wu give tips on how pathologists need to prepare to conduct a solid interview.

  • How to Advocate for our Specialty

    In this video, Dr. Adam Booth interviews CAP leader Dr. Timothy Allen on the importance of advocating for pathology.

  • The Policy Meeting Is the Room Where it Happens

    CAP member Dr. C. Leilani Valdes shares her story about the importance of the CAP’s annual Policy Meeting and advocacy efforts for pathologists. 

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